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Handprint Christmas Crafts for Kids

Adorable and fun, this handprint Christmas craft will be a hit with your kids.

Turn on some Christmas music and enjoy spending time together.

Handprint Christmas Crafts for Kids

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Why Make Handprint Christmas Crafts

Making handprint Christmas crafts encourages your littles to experience new sensations.

The paintbrush on their hands and the cool, wet paint will bring in sensory experiences your littles may not have experienced before.

Of course, handprint Christmas crafts are adorable.

They make a great keepsake or DIY Christmas gifts for grandma.

But there is more to handprint Christmas crafts than just being cute.

They allow your littles to be creative and to take ownership of their work.

Handprint Christmas Crafts for Kids

Involve them in creating these different handprint creations.

Let them choose colors and placement on the pages.

Allow them to feel proud of their creations.

Be sure to have a pack of baby wipes or paper towels nearby to clean your little one’s hands easily (before the paint get all over the house).

Christmas Crafts Using Handprints

Handprint Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Tree

One of the simplest on the list, the handprint Christmas tree is a no-brainer.

Paint your little’s whole hand green.

Have him put his fingers together and point his fingers down toward the bottom of the page.

This is the top tier of the tree.

Next, have him spread his fingers apart and add two more handprints side by side (with his fingers pointing to the bottom of the page) right below the first handprint.

Make a trunk for the tree by painting the side of his hand brown and placing it where the two handprints meet.

Allow him to add fingerprint ornaments once the green paint is dried.

Handprint Christmas Crafts for Kids


Paint the thumb (leaving the tip bare) and the bottom of the palm red.

Add skin tone-colored paint for Santa’s face on the rest of the palm.

Add white to the fingers for Santa’s beard and a white ball at the end of the thumb.

Place the hand on the paper.

Once that paint has dried, add white paint to the pointer finger, then add white to the bottom of the red hat and to fill in some of Santa’s facial hair (if desired).

Draw on a face with a marker once the paint has dried.

Handprint Christmas Crafts for Kids


Another simple handprint Christmas craft.

Paint the whole hand brown and place it on the paper.

Add more points to the reindeer’s rack with a paintbrush.

Add eyes and nose to the reindeer.

You can add Christmas lights in the reindeer’s antlers if desired.

Handprint Christmas Crafts for Kids


Paint the thumb, pinky, and palm skin-colored.

Use green to point the pointer, middle, and ring fingers.

Have your little one spread out his thumb and pinky and hold together the other three (green) fingers.

You may need to help him with holding his fingers this way.

Place the hand down on the paper.

Add a red border to the hat by painting a finger red and placing it at the bottom of the hat.

You can also add on a red ball on the end of the hat by dipping a finger in red paint and placing it at the tip of the green hat.

Add on a face to your elf.

Handprint Christmas Crafts for Kids


Have your preschooler make a fist.

Paint the bottom of her fist to make a ball ornament.

Place on the paper and draw on a hook.

Handprint Christmas Crafts

Grab a pack of baby wipes and some paint and get to work making some handprint Christmas crafts.

They are pretty simple and will surely bring a smile to your preschooler’s (and grandma’s) face.


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