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5 Fun Father’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

Celebrate dad with some fun Father’s Day activities for preschoolers!

5 Fun Father's Day Activities for Preschoolers

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Father’s Day is a special time for preschoolers and their dads.

Young children naturally want to emulate and connect with the dad figures in their lives and get so much satisfaction and learning out of simply spending time with them.

Sometimes, just being with Dad, is a celebration!

Here is a curated collection of Father’s Day activities for Father’s Day or any day!

5 Ways to Celebrate Dad for Father’s Day

Read with Me 

Reading together is a proven way to encourage a love of reading in your preschooler.

Did you know that everyone can enjoy storytime by watching read-aloud online?

Dad and your young readers can listen to the story by the narrator first, then mute the audio and read the story together!

Here are a few sweet, silly, and inspiring books all about dads that are sure to make storytime interactive and engaging.  

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

The Night Before Father’s Day by Natasha Wing and Amy Wummer

My Dad My Hero by Ethan Long 

With Daddy On the Beach (ebook to download for free.)

5 Fun Father's Day Activities for Preschoolers

Sing & Dance Together

If singing and dancing are a hit in your family, there are so many fun activities online that will get Dad and your little ones up moving and crooning together.

When preschoolers are moving to beats and singing rhyming words, it benefits their physical development and coordination and encourages creativity.

Here are some sweet songs that your young ones and their daddy can learn and perform together!

We Love Our Daddies

Daddy Is His Name-O

I Love You, Daddy

5 Fun Father's Day Activities for Preschoolers

Daddy’s Mini-Me! 

Preschoolers are great observers of the big people around them, and they love a game of dress-up! What’s Dad’s favorite outfit?

Have your child “raid” Dad’s closet for his favorite tee-shirt, hat, shirt, or pants (or any combination of!) and greet him at the door as a Daddy Mini-me!

Preschoolers love learning practical skills, like folding and sorting, so after the dress-up game, they’ll be excited to help put the clothes away!  

5 Fun Father's Day Activities for Preschoolers

May I Take Your Order, Please?

Whether you’re serving up a special Father’s Day dinner or just having a simple meal together on this special day, why not have your little one role-play as the waitstaff?

All you need is a small pad of paper and a pen (small kids love being allowed to write with real pens!) and have them take Dad’s order.

They can even announce the food being served for the evening!

Preschoolers in the pre-writing stages will relish the chance to practice holding the pen and making marks on the paper, strengthening their fine motor skills in the process.

5 Fun Father's Day Activities for Preschoolers

I Just Called to Say “I Love You”

Technology can be a great way to bring people closer together, and preschoolers are very curious about our use of all our devices, especially our phones!

Instead of sending just a Happy Father’s Day text, use the recording button on your cell phone to have your child create a personalized message or song that will bring a smile to their dad’s face when he hears his little one’s voice.

Don’t worry, you can record several times, before sending it to get it just right!

Father’s Day Fun

No matter how you celebrate dad on Father’s Day, he’s sure to appreciate the effort!

Do you have a special way of celebrating Father’s Day?

Share with us!

We’d love to know how you make dad feel special!


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