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Books About Mountains for Preschoolers

Here are some incredible books about mountains for preschoolers!

Books About Mountains

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Take toddlers on an outdoor adventure by sharing books about mountains with them. 

Reading mountain books will help little learners to discover all kinds of things about mountains. 

From learning about mountain landscapes to meeting creatures that call the mountains home, these books are sure to capture the attention of little learners. 

Mountain books will take young readers on a journey into the wild. 

They are great to read during many different homeschool studies or just for fun. 

Introduce these books as a supplement to a mountain unit, science lesson, or simply to encourage outdoor exploration. 

Books about mountains will both inspire and educate young learners. 

Keep reading to discover mountain books for children!

Books About Mountains

Mountain Books for Toddlers

Over on a Mountain: Somewhere in the World by Marianne Berkes 

Explore a mountain’s ecosystem with this fun and educational read for little ones. 

This rhyming sing-a-long book is great for engaging preschoolers.  

About Habitats: Mountains by Cathryn Sill 

Introduce children to the different plants and animals that are found in the mountains. 

With simple descriptions and colorful illustrations, this book is great for a circle time read aloud.

Blue Ridge Babies 1, 2, 3 by Laura Sperry Gardner

Count cute mountain creatures throughout this entertaining story. 

This adorable tale will keep little learners interested from beginning to end.  

Up the Mountain Path by Marianne Dubuc 

Share this picture book about the mountains with preschoolers. 

A sweet and gentle read, this mountain story relays an important message about friendship.  

Books About Mountains

Hiking Day by Anne Rockwell 

Go on a hike with this adventurous tale. 

Little learners will get to discover outdoor life as they climb a mountain.  

I Love the Mountains by Haily Meyers 

Sing a song in the mountains with young children. 

With bright images and rhyming text, this book is great for preschool homeschool.  

Mountains of the World by Dieter Braun

Visit mountain landscapes all over the world with this educational read. 

Filled with fun and facts, preschoolers can explore the outdoors in a way that they can comprehend.

Explorers of the Wild by Cale Atkinson

Inspire a love of the outdoors with this wonderful tale about a boy and a bear who climb a mountain together. 

This simple story may be an instant favorite among little learners.

Books About Mountains

Good Night Mountains by Adam Gamble

Discover mountain life by sharing this delightful story with preschoolers. 

The colorful pictures and short text explain mountains in a simple way.  

The Grands Go – Oh No!: The Great Smoky Mountains by A. N. Eason

Take a trip to the Smokies with this exciting story. 

Little ones will experience delightful surprises all throughout this read.

Books About Mountains

Homeschool Preschool Books About Mountains

Homeschool preschool books about mountains are a great way to get young learners excited about exploring the outdoors. 

Introduce any of the books in this collection just because or as an addition to an educational unit.  

What mountain books would you like to read with your little ones?

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