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What is Preschool

Not all learning happens at a desk.

From dramatic play to story time, learning is happening.

Read on to see what preschool is all about.

What is Preschool

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Preschool Overview

Preschool gives structure to little learners.

From structured activities to time for free play, preschoolers are always learning.

No two days are exactly alike for a preschooler.

Learning through play is a key part of preschool.

Preschoolers should be up and interacting with the world they live in.

They are still discovering what this world is all about and how they fit into it.

There is much more to preschool than strictly academics.

What is Preschool

Parts of a Preschool

Each preschool environment is unique, but some elements are found in nearly all preschools.

Whether it is a homeschool preschool or an establishment that a preschooler goes to, these things can most likely be found there.


Lots and lots of books!

Preschoolers love stories and story time.

They can learn a great deal from characters in a book.

Social Emotional Growth

Not all aspects of preschool are tangible.

When and how to interact with peers and adults are important skills that people aren’t born knowing.

By interacting with people, little learners figure out how to communicate even when they have strong emotions.

Gaining Confidence

By being given time to grow and explore, preschoolers gain confidence in their abilities.

The more they can run, skip, jump, count, and create beautiful artwork, the more confident they become.

What is Preschool


Let the littles run free!

Movement is vital to helping little ones learn how to use and control their bodies.

Free Play

Interest-led play allows preschoolers to dig deeper into what interests them.

Some days that may be making food in a play kitchen.

On other days it may be seeing how many times they can hop on one foot.

The preschooler is in charge of what he or she is playing and can freely move on to a different task whenever.

Following Directions

Littles need practice following directions.

Preschool is a great place to allow them to hear a direction and follow it.

Something as simple as sitting on the rug is a direction being followed.

Dramatic Play

Allow littles to become a baker or a mailman through dramatic play.

Taking on the role of someone new is a great way for preschoolers to learn about something new (like an occupation) and to do some of the tasks that go with that occupation.

Preschoolers learn how to interact with others in a safe and acceptable way through dramatic play.

What is Preschool

Songs and Music

Preschoolers love to hear, sings, and dance to music.

Music also helps little ones to learn new things (like the alphabet).

The body and the mind have to work together when a preschooler is singing and dancing.

Problem Solving

Problems come up everywhere.

Teaching littles how to handle when a problem arises is an important skill.

Instead of always seeking adult help, little learners are walked through how to solve their problems.

Then, when they aren’t near adults, they can solve their problems by themselves.


Numbers, letters, and shapes are a few things that are typically taught in preschool.

Science experiments are also done to encourage curiosity and to encourage scientific thinking.

What is Preschool


Just like each kid, each preschool is different.

Most preschools have many of the same elements to them.

Adding these elements to your preschool will help your little ones to continue to grow.


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