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Clay Play: Leaf Pressing

ImPRESS your little ones with this fun leaf pressing activity.

They will love seeing the different designs they can find in nature.

Clay Play Leaf Pressing

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Why Try Leaf Pressing

Take your littles on a nature walk to find different leaves.

Spending time outside and in nature has a calming effect on most kids.

Not only will it take the attention off of teasing each other (again) but it will help to calm them down.

Comparing and contrasting leaves will come naturally with this leaf pressing activity.

Not only comparing the colors, shapes, and textures of the leaves but also the imprints.

Your littles won’t even know they are learning as they do this activity!

Spatial awareness can be taught.

See how many leaf impressions will fit on the piece of clay.

If different leaves are used, is there a different amount of leaves that can fit?

What about if the leaves are spaced apart differently?

Because preschoolers are visual people, you may want to take pictures to be able to compare the different scenarios, if possible.

Clay Play Leaf Pressing

Curiosity will be piqued when your littles try leaf pressing.

They may be curious about what is making the lines on the clay.

Let them think it through and watch slowly as they press the leaves into clay.

Let your littles try to figure out how the shapes and lines get onto the clay.

Have them see what will happen if they flip the leaf over and make a leaf pressing.

Fall is all about leaves, pumpkins, and apples!

This leaf pressing activity fits perfectly into a fall theme with the added benefit of helping your littles strengthen their fine motor skills by pressing and pulling the leaves.

If you are looking for more fun activities that have to do with fall, check out our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum.

Week 6 is all about fall!

Items Needed to Leaf Press

  • Leaves
  • clay
  • Something to roll the clay (optional)
Clay Play Leaf Pressing

How to Leaf Press

1 – Go on a nature walk and collect leaves.

Try to collect different shapes, sizes, and colors.

2 – Roll out the clay so it is flat like a pancake.

Your littles may be able to smush it down with their palms onto a table to make it flat if you don’t have a rolling pin.

You can also use a cup if desired.

3 – Find the raised ridge of the leaf.

For the most noticeable impressions, you will want this ridge facing down into the clay.

4 – Push the leaf down into the clay.

If you are using a rolling tool, you can roll over the leaf to make sure it is pushed in well.

5 – Slowly peel the leaf off of the clay.

Have your littles watch as they peel the leaf off.

They will be able to see the ridges coming out of the clay.

6 – Try leaf pressing again with another leaf.

See if different leaves make different patterns.

Clay Play Leaf Pressing

Leaf Pressing

What starts as leaf pressing may end up being flower pressing, grass pressing, and who knows what else.

Help foster curiosity in your littles with the easy activity.


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