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Letter I Craft: Iguana Activity

Bask in the sun (and fun) when making this cute letter I craft. An iguana craft is the perfect addition to a letter I study or reptile unit.

Letter I Craft Iguana Activity

When to Make an Iguana Craft

If you have been around a group of preschoolers at the library, in the classroom, or even at the playground, you will surely have heard how much some preschoolers love reptiles.

This iguana craft not only serves as an incredible letter I craft but doubles as a reptile craft.

So, if you find yourself in the presence of a reptile fanatic, try making this fun iguana craft with them.

Another great way to use this iguana craft is as an alphabet craft.

Whether you do letters of the week or are introducing your little one to the letters of their name, this letter I craft is a fun and unique way to introduce or reinforce the letter I.

Letter I Craft Iguana Activity

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Where to Get Letter I Craft Printable

Fill out the form below to gain access to this letter I craft freebie.

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Materials Needed for Iguana Craft

  • Letter I Craft Printable (see above)
  • blank paper to paste iguana craft on
  • color tools (crayons or markers)
  • scissors
  • glue
Letter I Craft Iguana Activity

How to Make a Letter I Craft

1. Print out the letter I craft freebie.

2. Color in the iguana craft and trace the letters for the word ‘iguana.’

3. Use the dots to guide and cut out all the pieces.

Try to get your little one to practice cutting by cutting out the letter I. The straight sides make it perfect for preschoolers beginning to cut.

Letter I Craft Iguana Activity

4. Place the blank sheet of paper in portrait orientation (long sides are up and down).

5. Have your little one find the word ‘iguana’ and glue it on the very bottom of the page.

6. Add the letter I to the center of the paper and glue it down.

Letter I Craft Iguana Activity

7. Find both eyes and have your preschooler place them at the top of the letter I.

8. Glue two legs on each side of the letter I craft.

The legs are made to look like the iguana is crawling, so the legs on the left are facing forward, and the legs on the right are facing backward.

Letter I Craft Iguana Activity

Iguana Craft

After trying this letter I craft, try out a few of the other letter crafts, too. They are so simple and easy and nice to have when you need to keep your preschooler busy.

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