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Children’s Books About Spain

Take a trip without ever leaving the couch. Discover another country with these children’s books about Spain!

books about spain for preschoolers

Rich in history, art, and culture, Spain is a very beautiful place for many reasons. Explore this country a little more with young learners by sharing a variety of stories with them. Through an assortment of books, preschoolers can travel to faraway places, meet unique people, and go on different Spanish adventures. 

A great book will take children on a one-of-a-kind journey to Spain. To make it easy, we have put together a collection of reads that you can share with your littles. Whether you travel to Spain with Grandma or meet up with a Spanish princess, preschoolers will discover a whole new country during storytime with these books about Spain.

Check out this list of exciting books about Spain for preschoolers. 

books about spain for preschoolers

Books About Spain for Preschoolers 

The Key from Spain: Flory Jagoda and Her Music by Debbie Levy

Take a glimpse into the history of Spain with this incredible read. Based on the life and music of Flory Jagoda, this story sheds some light on the Spanish Inquisition and more. 

Traveling with Grandma: To Spain by Jody Brady

Head on an imaginary trip to Spain with a boy and his grandma. Children will learn about the country while discovering historical landmarks, popular venues, and more. 

60 Facts about Spain by Grant Publishing

Have a blast learning fun facts about Spain. With interesting tidbits and beautiful imagery, preschoolers will enjoy exploring this country. 

Katie and the Spanish Princess by James Mayhew

Dive into the world of art and uncover famous Spanish paintings in this unique story. Making an excellent addition to any homeschool library, this book talks about Spain’s history and culture in a way that is made for young learners. 

ABC Spain by Natalia Simons

Learn the Spanish language with this clever alphabet book. Each letter, along with fun facts about Spain, is brightly illustrated throughout this educational read for little ones. 

books about spain for preschoolers

Food Fight Fiesta: A Tale About La Tomatina by Tracey Kyle

Join in on the world’s biggest food fight! This delightful story will take readers on a fun adventure as it celebrates such a unique Spanish festival.

Princess Prissypants Goes to Spain by Ashley Putnam Evans

Explore Spain with this multicultural read. Children will gain an understanding of this country’s culture and customs through rhyming text and colorful illustrations. 

Maria the Matador by Anne Lambelet 

Enter a Spanish bullfight with a brave little girl named Maria. Preschoolers will love this heartwarming story about overcoming obstacles and being yourself.

The Spanglish Girl: La Chica Espanglish by Natalia Simons

Share the experiences of a bilingual young lady. In this lovely story, children will learn about being confident and proud of who you are and where you come from.

Medio Pollito: A Spanish Tale by Eric A. Kimmel 

Discover Spanish folklore with this incredible tale for children. Perfect for storytime, this creative read encourages little ones to follow their dreams. 

books about spain for preschoolers

Introduce Spain through Books

Introduce Spain through books for a fun and educational homeschool lesson. From Spanish folklore to fact-filled reads, children will enjoy learning all about the history and culture of Spain. 

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