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7 Easy Mother’s Day Activities for Preschoolers

Help your preschooler show her love and appreciation for her mom, grandma, or aunt. Coloring tools and a sheet of paper are all it takes to make most of these easy activities!

Mother's Day Ideas for Preschoolers

Fun Mother’s Day Activities

Coupon Books

Have your child brainstorm some ideas of what she could give her mom that she believes her mom would enjoy.

Some ideas are:

  • give a giant hug
  • give a foot rub
  • a cuddle on the couch
  • read a book together
  • family game night (mom’s choice, of course)
  • uninterrupted alone time– doesn’t that sound nice!

Write each idea on a different slip of paper. Staple one end of the paper together with a blank sheet on top and have your preschooler decorate the cover.

Add a title like “Mom’s Coupon Book” on the front with the child’s name and the year. 

Draw a Picture

Encourage your preschooler to draw a picture of her and her mom (or grandma, aunt, etc.).

This is a great way to have your preschooler think about and recall what different things her mom enjoys and add those things to the picture. 

Labeling the items in the picture after it is drawn helps the recipient to recall what is drawn years down the road. 

Mother's Day Ideas for Preschoolers

Write or Draw “What I Love About My Mom” Book

 It’s always nice to hear what people appreciate about you. Ask your preschooler what she loves about her mom.

Some prompts may be needed if your preschooler gets stuck. Try asking:

  • What is your favorite food that Mom makes?
  • What does Mom do that makes you feel good?
  • Where is your favorite place to go with Mom?

These can be turned into things that the preschooler loves about her mom. 

Breakfast in Bed (with help)

Maybe your child isn’t into making art. Have your child help put jam on the toast, the berries in a bowl, whisk the eggs, or even dip the bread in the egg mixture for french toast.

If you feel confident in your child’s ability, you can have them slowly pour juice into a cup. Your preschooler will love the independence and that she gets to help make breakfast for Mommy. You may be surprised at how much she can do!

Mother's Day Ideas for Preschoolers

Handprint Art

Handprint art is treasured forever because it reminds you of how little your child was. A handprint and a drawn-on stem are all it takes to make a flower. 

Even if your child doesn’t like the feeling or mess of paint, you can still do this activity by tracing your child’s hand on paper and then cutting out the handprint.

Use the handprint you traced and cut out as a template to save yourself some time and hassle of trying to trace a squirmy hand over and over. 

Flowers aren’t your thing? Try making a sun with a yellow handprint. Your preschooler can draw Mommy and herself enjoying the sun, or you can add a saying like, “You are my sunshine.” 

Make Jewelry

Mom will feel like royalty if she is presented with some new jewelry– handmade, of course. Paper towel tubes can be cut to size and then cut the long way to make a bracelet that wraps around the wrist.

A necklace can be made by lacing uncooked rigatoni on a piece of yarn. Some tape on the end of the yarn will make it easier to thread.

Your preschooler can then take markers or paint and decorate the jewelry. Allow time to dry before wearing. 

Mother's Day Ideas for Preschoolers

Picture Frame

Pom poms, stickers, tissue paper with glue, markers, crayons, and paint are all items that can be used to decorate a picture frame. 

Make a frame out of an old cereal box. The easiest way is to trace a picture frame you have at home. Don’t have one handy? Take a sheet of paper and cut a large rectangle out from the middle creating a frame template. Use the template to trace on your box.

 If you are worried about the cardboard showing, you can paint it a solid color before decorating or use cardstock paper instead. 

Give your preschoolers some supplies and allow them to get to work decorating. If you have magnets, put one on each corner. This turns into the perfect way to display art on the fridge. 

This idea pairs perfectly with a picture drawn by your preschooler. 

Mother's Day Ideas for Preschoolers

Hopefully, these suggestions gave you some ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day with your preschooler. Enjoy making memories with your child as you make keepsakes for loved ones. 


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