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President’s Day Hat Craft

Help celebrate President’s Day with this adorable President’s Day craft.

Your little ones will love wearing an Abe Lincoln hat.

Presidents Day Hat Craft

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Why Make a President’s Day Craft

Whether you are celebrating George Washington and Abraham Lincoln or all of the presidents this President’s Day, help your little ones get into the spirit with this cute Abe Lincoln top hat.

Fine motor skills will be used while cutting and gluing this President’s Day craft.

Your little one will love rolling the paper around to make a cylinder and cutting out a circle for the brim of the hat.

You can work on shape recognition with your little one.

The paper is a rectangle and then it is rolled into the 3 Dimensional shape of a cylinder.

The brim is a circle cut out of the rectangular sheet of paper.

Presidents Day Hat Craft

After completed, this President’s Day craft can be used as part of dramatic play.

Pair this craft with books about the presidents and let them pretend to be Abraham Lincoln.

Items You Will Need

-Black Construction Paper


-Tape / Glue

-Bowl or other round item to trace

-white (or yellow) colored pencil

Presidents Day Hat Craft

How to Make a Lincoln Top Hat

1. Take one sheet of black construction paper and put a strip of glue along the short end of the paper.

2. Roll the paper so that the other short end of the paper is on top of the glue strip you made.

The paper should now be in a cylinder.

You may want to tape the seam to help secure it.

3. Using the second sheet of black construction paper, trace a plate or bowl.

This will be the brim of the hat so you will want to make sure that the circle is wide enough.

You will want the circle to be nearly touching the short sides of your construction paper.

4. Cut out the circle.

Presidents Day Hat Craft

5. Place the cylinder in the middle of the circle.

Trace the outside of the cylinder using your light-colored pencil.

6. Using scissors, cut out a circle a little bit smaller than the circle you wrote on the paper.

7. Make small cuts from the inside circle to the circle you marked with your colored pencil.

This will make little flips to help the brim connect to the cylinder.

8. Place the cylinder on top of the center of the brim circle.

Fold the little flaps up into the inside of the cylinder. Tape or glue them in place.

9. If desired, add a top to the cylinder.

10. Try on your hat!

If you find that the brim needs to be more supportive, try adding a paper plate under the black construction paper.

Be sure to cut out the center hole so it rests nicely on your preschooler’s head.

Presidents Day Hat Craft

President’s Day Craft

Step up your President’s Day game with this wonderful President’s Day craft.

It takes a bit of patience to make, but it will pay off when you see how adorable your little ones look while they are wearing it.


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