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5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids about Penguins

They waddle and squawk, but there is more to learn about penguins.

These activities are sure to help bring to life penguins for kids.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Penguins

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Why Teach Kids about Penguins

There are many different books and units about mammals, but as you know, there is much more to this wonderful Earth than only mammals.

Help your kids to see that there are other creatures by teaching your kids about penguins.

Both the male and female penguins work together to incubate and take care of the young.

This is not the case for many animals so it is neat to show your little ones how even animals work together to care for one another.

Penguins live both on land and in the water.

By learning about penguins, your little one can be exposed to the ecosystems on land and water.

You can also showcase the amazing creature powers penguins have to be able to move away from predators in both environments without flying!

There are penguins in both hot environments and cold, despite popular belief.

Show your littles the different types of penguins and see if they can compare and contrast them.

With 28 different types of penguins, picking the ones to start with is the hardest part.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Penguins

Activities to Teach Kids about Penguins

Learn Penguin Facts

Check out this great blog post from Mama Teaches that is about penguins for kids.

Websites about Penguins for Kids

Kiddle site about penguins is a kid-friendly search engine that breaks down the information about penguins into small chunks.

National Geographic for Kids site has a page all about Emperor Penguins for kids.

There is a map and a creature fact card to give information at a glance.

Penguin International is another great site where you can dive deeper (no pun intended) into the world of penguins.

There is even a drop-down menu at the top so you can learn about different penguins.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Penguins

Watch Penguin Videos for Kids

Below are a few videos about penguins for kids to get you started:

Homeschool Pop video

Kids Academy video

All Things Animal video

There is also a Wild Kratts episode about penguins.

Because PBS Kids changes the videos on the site frequently, you’ll need to search for it in a search engine or on YouTube.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Penguins

Learn about the Penguin Life Cycle

Without a doubt, the question of where baby penguins come from will come up.

We have a printable to help explain the penguin life cycle.

Read Books about Penguins

There are many great books about penguins for kids.

Check out The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Jenkins, Pierre the Penguin by Jean Marzallo, and National Geographic: Penguins by Anne Shreiber which are all informational texts.

Keep the learning going with more books about penguins for kids listed here.

Both fiction and nonfiction are included in this list.

5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Penguins

Penguins for Kids

Learning about feathery flightless birds is intriguing to kids.

Hopefully, some of these resources will help your littles learn about penguins.


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