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Alphabet Books for Kids

Repetition is vital when it comes to teaching preschoolers.

Help them learn their ABCs with these fun alphabet books for kids.

Alphabet Books for Kids

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Helping Kids to Learn the Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is an essential skill for preschoolers.

It sets them up for success when it comes to speaking, reading, and writing.

Singing the alphabet is a start.

Moving from singing the alphabet to showing preschoolers what each letter looks like doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Alphabet books for kids are a great way to make learning the alphabet fun.

Reading the same book repeatedly can be fun (to the little one, at least), but changing up the books is vital, too.

Kids tend to memorize the books we read to them, which can be a good thing.

Have multiple alphabet books for kids to keep your little ones on their toes.

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Top Alphabet Books for Kids

ABC Bug Book for Kids by Jessica Lee Anderson

Combine learning about bugs and the alphabet in this vivid ABC book.

A is for Apple (Smart Kids Trace and Flip) by Tiger Tales

Turn learning the ABCs into a hands-on activity with this textured book.

Kids trace the textured letters and lift a flap on each page.

This is one of the alphabet books for kids that will become a fast favorite.

Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert

Both upper case and lower case letters are shown in this alphabet book for kids that is all about food.

ABC: Alphabet Animals at Bedtime (Cute Children’s ABC books) by Aaron Adams

Going to bed has never been this much fun.

Come along as animals from A to Z do their nighttime routine, all while rhyming.

The Construction Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta

If you have a construction lover, this is one of the alphabet books for kids that is a must!

There is a different piece of equipment for each letter of the alphabet.

Mrs. Peanuckle’s Ocean Alphabet by Mrs. Peanuckle

From the beloved Mrs. Peanuckle series, this new alphabet book focuses on the ocean.

Let your budding oceanographer learn more about the deep blue!

ABCs of Art by Sabrina Hahn

Introduce preschoolers to some of the world’s most noteworthy artwork with this unique ABC book for kids.

I Spy Letters by Jean Marzollo

Take your preschooler’s learning of the ABCs to the next level by playing I Spy with this interactive alphabet book.

Alphabet Everywhere by Elliott Kaufman

Inspire little ones to look around them to see that the alphabet is everywhere.

Multiple photos of each letter found “in the wild” are truly remarkable.

Alphabreaths Too: More ABCs of Mindful Breathing by Christopher Willard and Daniel Rechtschaffen

Preschoolers learn mindful breathing and exercises while learning the alphabet.

These different breathing techniques are great to practice to help little ones calm down or to center themselves.

What About X? An Alphabet Adventure by Anne Marie Houppert

Alphabet books for kids don’t have to be boring.

See how the letters work together to figure out what X can bring on the alphabet camping trip.

ABCs of Nature: A Wild & Wonderful Alphabet by Carmine Falcone

There are tactile features on each page of this ABC book.

Learn about multiple items from nature for each letter in this wonderful alphabet book.

Photo Ark ABC: An Animal Alphabet in Poetry and Pictures by Debbie Levy

National Geographic put together this beautifully written alphabet book.

The incredible photos and simple rhymes are sure to catch the attention of little ones.

ABC Dinosaurs in Space Science Book for Kids by Sebastiano Press

Come along and learn about dinosaurs and space while learning about different letters.

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids by Teresa Anne Powers

Get preschoolers up and moving with this fun ABC book for kids.

It has a different yoga pose for each letter of the alphabet.

Alphabet Books for Kids

ABC Books for Kids

Borning old alphabet books for kids is a thing of the past.

There are many interactive, informative, and storytelling ABC books for kids.

Help your preschooler learn the alphabet with some of these fun reads.

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