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Washi Tape Flower Pot Craft

Washi tape flower pots can easily be made from inexpensive terra cotta pots. In just a few minutes time you’ll have a cute Mother’s Day gift.

Washi Tape Flower Pot Craft

Why Make a Washi Tape Flower Pot

When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, full of love is usually the way to go.

What says, “I love you!” more than a handmade gift?

This washi tape flower pot craft is practical because flowers or herbs can be planted in it.

It *hopefully* won’t be another thing collecting dust on the window sill.

Your preschooler will be able to practice working with a new medium- tape!

The different textures and nature of tape make this craft a new sensory experience.

Working with tape can be a bit tricky, and this project is a great way for your little one to get the hang of it.

Washi Tape Flower Pot Craft

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Low mess, no prep is the name of the game with these washi tape flower pots.

No paint, glitter, or spillable items are needed (unless you want to).

Having a craft that is easy to do and has no mess is great to have on hand.

When it comes to homemade gifts, the price can easily get out of hand.

Have you seen the meme that says something like, “I could’ve bought this for $5, but I made it myself for $97”?

This isn’t the case for this craft!

Terra cotta-style pots and washi tape can both be found at the dollar store.

Materials Needed

Washi Tape Flower Pot Craft

How to Make a Washi Tape Flower Pot

1. Choose what size terracotta-style pot you want to use. If you are doing many different pots, you may want to opt for smaller pots. Larger pots will take more time and tape.

2. Decide if your little one wants to make a design like a heart or a smile out of the washi tape or if she wants to wrap the washi tape around the terra cotta style pot to her heart’s content.

Washi Tape Flower Pot Craft

3. Use washi tape that is colorful or cute to decorate the washi tape flower pot.

4. Have your little one trace over the washi tape with her finger to ensure the tape is securely on the pot.

Washi Tape Flower Pot Craft

Other Additions to the Washi Tape Flower Pot

Add A Maker’s Mark

Most artists sign or somehow mark their work.

Let your little one sign her name on the bottom of the pot, if possible.

Add the year so that when people look back at the washi tape flower pot, it can easily be remembered who made the pot and when.

Paint the Pot

Before putting the washi tape on the flower pot, paint the terra cotta style pot.

A solid color may be best because it will be somewhat covered with the washi tape.

Washi Tape Flower Pot Craft

Plant a Flower

Once the washi tape flower pot craft is complete, consider taking your Mother’s Day gift a step further.

Pick out a pack of seeds and plant a flower or herb in each pot.

This helps your preschooler to learn about the life cycle of plants, too!

Add a Ribbon

Use some double sided tape to add some ribbon or a bow to your flower pot.

You can use the ribbon to attach a note, too.

Washi Tape Flower Pot Craft

Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft

You can’t go wrong when it comes to making a washi tape flower pot craft.

Whomever is receiving the pot is sure to love the care and attention your preschooler put into creating such a beautiful gift.

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