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Preschool May Themes

Put learning into MOTION with these preschool May themes. They are sure to ROCK and put your preschooler on CLOUD nine.

Preschool May Themes

Benefits of Using Preschool May Themes

Learning about one topic at a time allows littles to make more connections.

Throughout the week, the knowledge they gain can be put to use right away.

Whether this be about different items in motion or knowledge about the clouds, something more is learned and allowed to be questioned about or experimented with daily.

It’s fun for preschoolers to know what they are focusing on. It builds anticipation and makes them excited.

With preschool May themes being only a week, there are so many different topics that can be covered.

Plus, if your little ones want to keep learning about last week’s theme, let them (if you can).

Preschool May Themes

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May Themes for Preschool


Newton’s Laws of Motion aren’t only for middle schoolers.

Preschoolers love observing, investigating, predicting, and interacting with Newton’s Laws, too.

A theme of motion could easily be a month-long investigation study if you let it.

Making ramps out of different items, testing different highs, and trying different vehicles (or balls) is only the beginning when it comes to motion.

Broaden motion into a topic of forces (pushes and pulls), and there are even more things you can do.

Rocks and Minerals

Kids love to collect rocks.

Go rock collecting.

Use magnifying glasses or microscopes to look at different types of rocks (made from two or more minerals) and minerals (naturally occurring as they are).

Some libraries have rock and mineral kits that can be checked out so your little ones can get up close with various rocks and minerals.

Make this topic of preschool May themes as hands-on as possible so littles can see the difference in the types of rocks and minerals.

Preschool May Themes


Each month, starting in January, we feature a different continent to help your little ones get familiar with the continents.

This month’s continent is Africa!

Bring in different music, food, languages, and animals that are all part of Africa.

We have a post all about different ways to introduce Africa to preschoolers. There is also a book list.


Let your little ones discover the wonderful things doctors can do.

Doctors are community helpers, from fixing broken bones to helping someone get glasses.

Teaching preschoolers about doctors lets them know that if they need help with their bodies, people are there to help.

You can do many different doctor-related things for this topic of the preschool May themes list.

Create X-rays for littles to look at, bandage up stuffed animals, and even learn some of the body’s bones!

Preschool May Themes


What are the clouds made of, and why are there different kinds?!

Create a cloud spotter and see how many different kinds of clouds you can spot.

Go outside and lay in the grass now that it’s warming up.

Watch as the clouds roll by.

Notice how fast (or slow) they are moving. What do you see? A rabbit? An alligator? The letter T?

If you haven’t already talked about the water cycle, it can easily fit into a cloud theme.

Fairy Tales

There are many variations of classic fairy tales, making them fun to learn about.

They have simple storylines, so preschoolers can easily retell them.

Read a few different versions of the three little pigs.

Then, read about the same story but from the wolf’s perspective!

Be sure to see if there are fractured fairy tales for other classic fairy tales.

Preschool May Themes

Enjoying Preschool May Themes

Many preschool May themes can be extended for longer than a week.

If learning, exploring, and discovering are still happening, try to figure out how to incorporate these themes into your days.

You can’t lose when you follow the lead of your little ones.

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