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Letter N Craft: Newt Activity

Look no further for a cute amphibian letter N craft for your preschooler. After this craft, newts may become your little one’s new favorite.

Letter N Craft Newt Craft

What is A Newt– And Why Do a Newt Craft

What is a Newt?

Newts are amphibians, just like frogs and toads.

They can spend time both on land and in the water.

They are part of the salamander family.

Newts need to keep their skin moist, so if you are lucky enough to live where newts live, check under logs or rocks in a wooded area after it has rained.

If you try to find a newt, carefully put the log or rock back how you found it.

Letter N Craft Newt Craft

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Why Make a Newt Craft

People are always surprised when they learn about newts.

This newt craft is a beautiful way to introduce newts (and amphibians) to your preschooler.

While doing the letter N craft, point out the “nnn” sound we use for the letter N.

Then, when asked about the sound used for the letter N, your little one will work on associating the letter N to the “nnnn” sound at the beginning of newt.

Plus, this letter N craft is simple and requires no fancy materials. As a bonus, it works on fine motor skills.

Where to Grab the Free Letter N Craft Printable

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Items Needed

*free letter N craft printable (see above)



*blank sheet of paper

*crayons or markers

Letter N Craft Newt Craft

How to Make the Newt Craft

1. Print out the letter N craft.

2. Color in the newt craft and trace the letters that spell out ‘newt.’

3. Encourage your little one to help cut out all of the pieces of the printable. Trim off the extra paper around the word ‘newt,’ too.

Letter N Craft Newt Craft

4. Place the blank sheet of paper so the long sides are up and down.

5. Invite your preschooler to find the word ‘newt’ and glue it on the very bottom of the page.

6. Have your preschooler find the letter N and glue it in the middle of the page.

7. Locate the oval and attach it to the part of the N on the far right. The oval should be turned so the long sides are on the top and the bottom. This oval will become the newt’s head.

Letter N Craft Newt Craft

8. Add one foot on each side of the left line of the letter N.

9. Place the circles on the head so half of the circle is on the oval and half of the circle is above the oval. They should be spaced apart a bit, but both should still be on the top part of the oval.

10. Glue the eyes on the circles that were just glued on.

Letter N Craft Newt Craft

Newt Craft

Will your little one be grossed out or engrossed with newts after this letter N craft? Who knows, but it’s worth discovering if it sparks something within your little one.

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