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Letter D Craft: Dinosaur Activity

Dino lovers everywhere will love this letter D craft! Turning a letter D into a dinosaur is both fun and educational.

Letter D Craft Dinosaur Activity

Why Make a Letter D Craft

Fine Motor Practice

This dinosaur craft is jam-packed with fine motor practice.

Making fine motor muscles strong is something preschool teachers everywhere are trying to do.

These little hand muscles play a crucial role in many things we do each day: zipping coats, holding a pencil, tying a shoe, and brushing teeth.

The list goes on and on.

The stronger your little one’s fine motor muscles, the easier it is to do these things (making them more independent) ;).

Connection Between Letters and Sounds

It’s no coincidence that the letter D was chosen to make a dinosaur.

When littles see the letter D and turn it into a d-d-dinosaur, it helps them make the connection that the sound used for d is the same sound we hear at the beginning of the word dinosaur.

Letter D Craft Dinosaur Activity

Add it to a Letter Wall or Letter Book

If you are planning on doing the whole alphabet, it makes sense to save these letter crafts and turn them into something useful.

Try making an alphabet line (like a number line but for letters) or hole-punch the letter d craft and put it into a binder with the other letter crafts.

You may find that your little one looks back at these letter crafts to reference when trying to figure out a sound.

Letter D Craft Dinosaur Activity

Where to Find the Printable

The letter D craft is available for printing below.

But if you would rather, we have a bundle with all of the letters A to Z available in our shop.

Download the Letter D Craft Template Here

Materials Needed

  • printable letter d craft
  • scissors
  • glue
  • coloring tools (crayons, markers, etc)
  • sheet to mount dinosaur craft on
Letter D Craft Dinosaur Activity

How to Make a Letter D Craft

1. Print out the letter d craft

2. Color in all of the parts.

3. Trace the word dinosaur at the bottom of the page.

Letter D Craft Dinosaur Activity

4. Cut out all the pieces using the dotted lines as a guide. Trim up the word ‘dinosaur’ so no large piece of paper is sticking out from either side.

Let your little one do some cutting for the larger pieces (like the D) if you feel comfortable. This is excellent scissor practice.

5. Place the blank sheet of paper horizontally.

6. Glue the word ‘dinosaur’ at the very bottom of the page.

7. Place and glue the D sideways on the paper. The flat side should be near the bottom of the paper and by the word ‘dinosaur’.

Letter D Craft Dinosaur Activity

8. Add the head and neck piece to the left side of the D.

9. Glue on the eye to the head.

10. Attach the tiny tale to the right side of the D.

11. Now comes the fun part— Add the spikes to the top of the dinosaur craft. They can be as close together or as far apart as your little one would like.

Letter D Craft Dinosaur Activity

Dinosaur Craft

Grab the free letter d craft printable and make this fun and easy dinosaur craft.

It’s perfect for little ones who are learning to identify letters or those who could use some reinforcement.

Plus, your little one can take creative liberties to make it their own.

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