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Halloween Fingerprint Ideas

Your preschooler will love turning her handprint into a Halloween preschool craft.

Witches, pumpkins, and candy corn are only the start.

Halloween Fingerpainting Ideas

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Why Make Fingerprint Crafts

Fingerprint crafts not only make for an adorable memory sake to remember just how little your kids were, but they are great fun to make.

These Halloween fingerprint crafts are sure to get your little one excited for the Halloween season.

After they have dried, you can string this Halloween preschool craft together and create a cute banner for your house.

Your little one will have her brain churning as she thinks about how her handprint can be used to make the shape of different Halloween-related things.

How can her hand print make an eight-legged spider?

What about a ghost?

It is great critical thinking practice for your preschooler while making a Halloween preschool craft.

The feeling of the paintbrush on her hand and of the paint will create a sensory experience for your little one.

Sensory activities are important to helping pathways be made in your little one’s brain.

Items Needed

  • paint (multiple colors)
  • paint brush
  • water
  • paper towel
  • baby wipes (for ease of cleaning hands)
  • paper (black and white)
  • markers
  • googly eyes (optional)
Halloween Fingerpainting Ideas

Halloween Preschool Handprint Art

A Few Notes to Make the Halloween Preschool Craft Easier

Use baby wipes to clean off your little one’s hand.

It’s much quicker than running to the bathroom and results in much less mess in the bathroom and all over the floor.

You can add googly eyes if you want to bring your item to life.

They are totally optional.

When switching colors, clean off your brush with water and then dab it on a dry paper towel to get the original color off.

Halloween Fingerpainting Ideas

Finger Print Pumpkin

1 – Put orange paint on your little one’s thumb and have her stamp her thumb around the page.

2 – Use a brown marker to add a stem and a green marker to add vines.

Halloween Fingerpainting Ideas


1 – On black paper, place a hand that has been painted white.

Point the fingers (thumb or no thumb— both work) towards the bottom of the page.

2 – Once dried, add on two small black circles for the eyes and a black oval for the mouth.

Halloween Fingerpainting Ideas


1- Paint the fingers black and the palm and thumb green.

2- Place the painted hand on a sheet with the fingers pushed together to create the hat.

The thumb should be sticking out to create the nose.

3 – Once dry, add the brim of the hat with a black marker by drawing an oval around the bottom of the black part of the hat.

You may want to outline the fingers with the marker to make them look more like a triangle.

4 – Add a yellow belt to the hat by painting the little finger yellow and placing it on the hat.

Add orange hair by painting the fingers orange and placing them under the brim of the hat.

5 – Add one eye, an eyebrow, and a smile to make the side view of the witch’s face.

Halloween Fingerpainting Ideas

Frankenstein’s Monster

1 – Paint the fingers black (for the hair) and the palm green (for the face)

2 – Place on a white sheet of paper with the fingers pointing to the top of the page.

3 – Let dry then using a black marker add in the face and stitches

Halloween Fingerpainting Ideas

Candy Corn

1 – Paint the fingertips (not the thumb) white, the rest of the finger (including the tip of the thumb)and part of the palm orange, and the rest of the palm (and thumb) yellow.

2 – Place the hand on black paper.

Have your little one place her fingers together (if possible) to help make a triangle shape.

If the fingers aren’t pushed together, have no fear!

You simply have upside-down candy corn. It is still cute.

3 – Cut out to help form the triangle shape.

Halloween Fingerpainting Ideas


1 – Paint only the fingers (no thumb) and palm black.

2- Place hand sideways on the white paper.

3 – Lift up the hand and place the hand the opposite way so that the palm part (making the body) overlap and the fingers are on the opposite side (making the other set of legs).

4 – Once dry, add eyes

Halloween Fingerpainting Ideas


1- Paint the palm black to create the body.

2- Place on the white paper.

3- Paint one finger black and place it off of the body to make two arms and two legs.

4- Paint the thumb and use multiple thumbprints to make the head.

5- Once dry, use white paint (or colored pencil, crayon, etc) to draw a skeleton. A skull, arms, legs, and ribs can be included.

This skeleton handprint takes some work on the part of the parent, but if you have a skeleton lover at your house, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Halloween Fingerpainting Ideas

Halloween Preschool Craft

With so many Halloween preschool craft ideas to choose from, I hope you can find a few Halloween handprint crafts to make.

Enjoy making and decorating with this adorable handprint art.


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