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Tissue Paper Flowers

From decoration to imaginary play, this flower craft is sure to be a hit.

You littles will love turning tissue paper into a flower.

Tissue Paper Flowers

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Why Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Patience is used when making this flower craft.

The fluffing out of the tissue paper takes some time.

It will show your little ones that it takes time and hard work but in the end, they are left with a beautiful flower craft they made with their own hands!

Fine motor skills are used over and over again.

From folding the tissue paper to fluffing the flower craft, your little ones will get an abundance of fine motor practice.

This practice will help to strengthen their hands.

With strong hands, your little ones will be able to zip up zippers, hold pencils, pick up tiny building bricks from the floor, brush their teeth, and tie their shoes.

Tissue Paper Flowers

The end product is versatile.

The flower craft can be used as decoration or as a prop for a lesson on pollinators.

Your littles may even want to use it as they pretend to be butterflies.

The tissue paper flowers are also a great addition to a gift bag or as a wonderful gift by themselves.

Who wouldn’t love getting a handmade flower with a sweet note?

If you are looking for other activities that have to do with flowers, check out our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum.

Week 33 is all about flowers!

Items Needed to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

  • 4 sheets of tissue paper per flower
  • pipe cleaner
  • scissors
Tissue Paper Flowers

How to Make a Tissue Paper Flower Craft

1 – Choose the colors you want your flower to be.

You will need four sheets of tissue paper in total.

2 – Lay the sheets of tissue paper on top of one another.

Fold the stack of tissue paper in half.

3 – Put one side of your scissors inside the fold and cut the fold.

This will make 8 sheets of tissue paper now. Have an adult do the cutting because it can be tricky.

4 – Arrange your tissue paper colors so they are how you would like them in your flower.

The outermost colors will become the inside of your flower.

5 – Starting on the short end of your stack of tissue paper, according fold the tissue paper.

Each fold should be about 1 inch.

Continue to accordion fold until all of the tissue paper is folded.

To accordion fold, take the short end of the tissue paper and fold it up one inch.

Flip the stack of tissue paper over so the folded-up side isn’t on top anymore.

From the same end, you just folded, and fold up the paper again one inch.

You should be able to feel where the edge of your first fold was.

This makes it easier to fold.

Continue to fold back and forth until the whole length of the tissue paper is folded.

6 – Keep the tissue paper accordion folded and bring together the ends of the tissue paper to make the paper fold in half.

7 – Take your pipe cleaner and wrap it around the middle part of your tissue paper (where your fold is now).

Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner to attach it to the tissue paper.

You may want to leave the ends long so that you can use them to hang up your flowers.

8- Let go of the tissue paper.

It should be accordion folded with a pipe cleaner wrapped around the middle.

9- Begin to fluff out the tissue paper.

To do this, lay the tissue paper on the table so you can see the accordion folds of the tissue paper.

Grab the top sheet of tissue paper and pull it up toward the sky.

This will fluff it out.

10 – Continue this with all of the pieces of tissue paper.

Once you get the hang of it, you can pick up the tissue paper flower to fluff it out.

You will need to flip the flower over to fluff the other side.

** Your preschooler may get frustrated at this part. It takes a lot of patience. **

11 – Admire your flower craft!

Tissue Paper Flowers

Flower Craft

From Mother’s Day to Christmas, this flower craft is a great addition to your decorations or even as an embellishment for a gift!

Grandma would love to get a flower craft handmade by her favorite little people.


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