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Books About Trees for Preschoolers

Here are ten of our favorite books about trees for preschoolers!

Books About Trees for Preschoolers

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Trees are very beneficial to our Earth and our ecosystem. 

Not only are trees beautiful, but they also provide us with oxygen and offer shade and shelter to both humans and animals. 

Explaining just how amazing trees can be to little ones can be done with the help of some really good books.  

A good read can really inspire young learners to appreciate trees and all they have to offer. 

Introduce trees as the seasons change, to celebrate Arbor Day, or when the subject of science or the environment comes up. 

These are all great times to share stories, take nature walks, and complete activities with books that can further guide your lesson about trees.    

Get started with this list of ten books about trees for preschoolers. 

Check them out below!

Books About Trees for Preschoolers

Preschool Books About Trees

Because of an Acorn by Lola M. Schaefer 

This unique tale takes readers through the process of nature. 

With eye-catching illustrations and easy-to-read text, little learners will be captivated. 

Tree Full of Wonder by Anna Smithers 

Bring the magic of trees to preschoolers with this rhyming tale. 

Kids can connect to nature and learn more about why trees are important.  

Tree by Britta Teckentrup

Engage young minds with a peek-through picture book. 

Preschoolers will enjoy seeing how the trees change through the seasons.  

Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson

Take children on an adventure as they explore the magic of trees.  

This interactive board book is sure to be a favorite with preschoolers.

Books About Trees for Preschoolers

Tell Me, Tree: All About Trees for Kids by Gail Gibbons 

With realistic drawings and informational text, this great read can help introduce trees to young minds.  This book is perfect for a beginner science or environmental lesson!

Tall Tall Tree by Anthony D. Fredericks

Familiarize little learners with California trees and its inhabitants. 

Preschoolers can discover and count some of the animals who live in the Redwood forest in this wonderful rhyming read.

The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rain Forest by Lynne Cherry

This incredibly illustrated story of the Amazon will take readers on an exciting journey through a rainforest. 

It is a great book for learning about conservation, green living, and personal choices.

I Can Name 50 Trees Today!: All About Trees by Bonnie Worth

Educate little readers about trees with a good friend, the Cat in the Hat. 

Using a rhyming story and colorful images, this book is a favorite for introducing trees to preschoolers.

Books About Trees for Preschoolers

We Planted a Tree by Diane Muldrow

Easy to understand, children will enjoy this gentle poem about planting a tree. 

Read this sweet story any time of year, or to help celebrate Earth Day.  

Before We Stood Tall: From Small Seed to Mighty Tree by Jessica Kulekjian

Go on a beautiful exploration of tree growth and the connections they have with woodland life. 

Even the youngest of readers will love discovering the forest from the ground up.  

Teaching Preschoolers About Trees

Teaching trees to little learners can be simple, fun, and engaging with the help of some of these unique and interesting books. 

From the changing life cycles of trees to all of their forest friends, give preschoolers a better understanding of the natural world around them by including these books about trees in your next story-time session.  

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