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Mud Kitchen Fall Scavenger Hunt

A fall scavenger hunt is perfect for getting your little one outside. He’ll notice the signs of fall and collect items for endless play.

Mud Kitchen Fall Scavenger Hunt

Why Do a Fall Scavenger Hunt

Getting your little ones outside can be cumbersome, especially when the weather changes and extra layers must be applied.

Take advantage of the fall weather before the temperatures drop; all the extra layers must be added.

A fall scavenger hunt is an inviting way to turn a nature walk into a treasure-seeking adventure.

Mud Kitchen Fall Scavenger Hunt

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It is fun, and the freebie below uses pictures and words to allow preschoolers to “read” it.

After they have collected an item, it can be colored, which helps them learn how to use lists.

Once the fall scavenger hunt is finished, the fun doesn’t end!

Preschoolers can use the collected treasures to make delightful dishes to serve to others.

Which in turn works on new language development and vocabulary words. 😉

Mud Kitchen Fall Scavenger Hunt

What is a Mud Kitchen?

Wait just a minute; don’t close out of the post just yet.

I’m not suggesting you bring mud inside. The house is already in need of a tidy 🙂

Mud kitchens are outside spaces that littles can use to make nature stew or mud brownies.

You know those old dishes, containers, and pots that are lying around (that you have meant to get rid of)?

Put them to good use.

Allow your little ones to use them outside with the things they collect from nature, like things from a fall scavenger hunt.

Mud kitchens don’t have to be elaborate to be functional.

Mud Kitchen Fall Scavenger Hunt

Why Mud Kitchens are So Great for Preschoolers

Mud kitchens are the perfect way to use items that were collected on a fall scavenger hunt.

Different textures, scents, and sounds will be experienced when pinecones are added to a bowl and pebbles are poured over top.

Or when the soft moss is dabbled into a pot with water and soil.

Mud Kitchen Fall Scavenger Hunt

Kids can experience nature in a way they haven’t before when they can be up close and personal with nature.

There is no wrong way to use a mud kitchen.

Playing, creating, experimenting, and enjoying time in nature are all very beneficial to preschoolers.

Mud kitchens provide a way for preschoolers to do it.

Mud Kitchen Fall Scavenger Hunt

Items Needed

  • Fall Scavenger Hunt Printable (See step 1 for how to grab it)
  • Crayons (or something to mark the printable with)
  • Basket
  • Bowl(s) /pots /old containers
  • A place in nature to collect items and to set up a mud kitchen
  • Water
Mud Kitchen Fall Scavenger Hunt

How to Do a Fall Scavenger Hunt for Items to Use in a Mud Kitchen

1. Print off the fall scavenger hunt list. Download the freebie by signing up below if you don’t already have an account.

2. Grab a basket and some crayons.

3. Head off on a fall scavenger hunt in nature. Use the freebie as inspiration for collecting things to add to your mud kitchen.

Mud Kitchen Fall Scavenger Hunt

4. Not everything needs to be collected. If there is something else that your preschooler would like to add, by all means, encourage her to grab it (as long as it is safe and in abundance).

5. Color the items on the fall scavenger hunt list as they are collected.

6. Once done, bring back your treasures and allow your little one to get to work playing in a mud kitchen.

7. Having available water, soil, and sand opens up even more things preschoolers can develop in the mud kitchen.

Fall Mud Kitchen

Enjoy the great outdoors with a fun fall scavenger hunt and a trip to the mud kitchen.

Do you think that the mud kitchen will serve hot coffee and muffins? Maybe it’s best if you BYOC (bring your own coffee) 😉

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