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Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

Dancing raisins science is one of the coolest experiments we have done yet. Little ones are captivated by it, and it’s super simple to do.

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

Why Do the Dancing Raisin Experiment

Dancing raisins science is a favorite activity over here. It’s incredibly simple and keeps people entertained for a hot second, so I can do some things without little hands helping me. 😬

Scientific thinking will be in high gear once preschoolers see the dancing raisins science experiment.

They will (hopefully) be curious about what else they can get to dance and if other liquids will work.

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

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Encouraging these science experiments that they come up with is an incredible way to make your little one feel smart and stay curious. The world needs curious people! That’s how new things are invented and come up with. We need curious people!

Curious preschoolers turn into curious adults as long as their curiosity is embraced.

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

Why Do the Raisins Dance?

When the raisins are put into the carbonated water, little bubbles get stuck on them, which makes them less dense. This causes the raisins to float to the top. Once they reach the top, some of the bubbles POP!

After the bubbles have popped, the raisins are once again more dense and sink. As the raisins sink, bubbles start to cling to them, and the cycle repeats. This makes it look like the raisins are dancing.

Density is how much space something takes up in relation to how heavy it is.

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

Items Needed for Dancing Raisins Science


*carbonated water

*clear glass

*deep-sided pan (not necessary but is helpful if your preschooler is helping to pour)

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

How to Do a Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

1. Put a clear cup into a deep-sided pan.

2. Let your little one help pour the carbonated water into the glass. Leave a bit of space at the top.

3. Sprinkle in raisins.

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

4. Watch as the raisins start to dance!

5. Encourage your little one to look at all the bubbles stuck to the raisins.

If you have time, let your little ones observe the dancing raisins until all the carbonation is gone. The bubbles will no longer carry the raisins up because the bubbles will be gone. See if your little one notices the bubbles disappearing.

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

6. See if there are any other things your little one wants to test in this dancing raisins science experiment. Maybe try a blueberry or pom pom. What if the raisins are removed and put back in? Will it still work? Does this work with other liquids?

Try some of these other experiments while you have the items out and the space prepared. They are a great way to get your little scientist’s brain thinking and growing.

Dancing Raisins Science Experiment

Dancing Raisins

Once your little ones have tried this simple dancing raisins science experiment, be ready to repeat it. Don’t forget the pan under the glass because little ones will try to get their hands into it to feel the dancing raisins. 😂

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