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Spain Activities for Preschoolers: Preschool Around the World

Take a trip to Spain with your preschooler without ever leaving home. These Spain activities for kids are fun and engaging.

Spain Activities for Preschoolers Preschool Around the World

Why Teach Preschoolers about Spain

It’s important and beneficial that little ones learn about different countries and cultures.

This helps to open their eyes and minds to the idea that not all people do the same things they do, eat the same foods, or live in the same type of houses or towns.

Plus, preschoolers will soon see that diversity in the world is a wonderful thing. Teaching about diversity helps little ones to be empathic when they encounter diversity (in any capacity) in the real world.

These fun Spain activities for kids are sure to get your little ones thinking about how Spain is similar and different to the lives they live.

Check out this post if you are looking for books about Spain for childern.

Spain Activities for Preschoolers Preschool Around the World

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Geography Activities

Activity 1: Spain’s Landforms

Spain has both mountains and a plateau (a flat area that is elevated).

Using play dough, have your little ones make a plateau by rolling a ball and then flattening the top. Add mountains on either side of the plateau.

Activity 2: Spain Map

Print out a map of Spain and place it in a gallon-size baggie. Have your preschoolers roll out a play dough ‘snake’ and then put it around the outside of Spain to outline it.

They can fill in the inside of the outline if they please.

Spain Activities for Preschoolers Preschool Around the World

Culture Activities

Activity 1: Running of the Bulls Craft

Each year in July, there is a running of the bulls through the streets of Pamplona. This is exactly as it sounds: bulls run down the street!

To commemorate this, try making a bull craft.

Take bits of red and yellow paper that have been ripped apart and glue them onto a sheet of copy paper. Your little ones can do a pattern or abstract gluing of the papers.

Once the whole sheet is covered in red and yellow bits of paper, cut out a silhouette of a bullhead from black paper. Glue the silhouette onto the top of the red and yellow paper.

Activity 2: Play Soccer

Soccer is a big part of Spanish culture. It is called futbol in Spanish.

Teaching your little ones that soccer is played in Spain shows them that there are things that are the same about where they live and in Spain.

Not all Spain activities for kids have to be complicated or new. 😉

Spain Activities for Preschoolers Preschool Around the World

Math Activities

Activity 1: Learn to Count in Spanish

The people of Spain speak Spanish. Teach your little ones how to count in Spanish. Once they know the numbers 1-12, have them roll a die or two. Add the dice numbers together and say the sum in Spanish.

Activity 2: Spanish Architecture Shape Finder

Look at various buildings in Spain. Have your preschoolers see what shapes they can find on each building.

As a bonus, let your little one build the buildings using blocks.

Spain Activities for Preschoolers Preschool Around the World

Language Arts Activities

Activity 1: Read the Story of Ferdinand

Ferdinand’s story is heartwarming, and it is about a bull that would rather smell flowers than fight bullfighters.

There are many wonderful Spain activities for kids that you can do with this sweet story.

Activity 2: Read Spanish/English Books

There are many wonderful books that are written in both English and Spanish. Find a few (check your library!) and read them with your littles.

You can also find books like Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See in Spanish. If your little ones are familiar with this book, it’s fun for them to hear it in a different language.

If you aren’t up for trying to read in Spanish, check out YouTube to see if there are people reading the book in Spanish for you.

Spain Activities for Preschoolers Preschool Around the World

Music Activities

Activity 1: Flamenco Dance

Flamenco dances are a popular dance in Spain. Let your little ones watch a flamenco dance and try copying the moves.

You can even make a paper fan to use during the dance.

Activity 2: Make a Castanet

Castanets, also called clackers, are popular in Spanish music.

To make your own, string a button on a chenille stem. Wrap the chenille stem around your little one’s pointer finger. Do the same for the thumb. To play, your little one taps the buttons together.

Don’t have buttons? Try gluing bottle tops to the ends of a thin sheet of cardboard that is about 4 inches long. Fold the cardboard in half so the bottle tops touch each other.

Your little one should be able to tap the bottle tops together to make a sound.

Spain Activities for Preschoolers Preschool Around the World

Cooking Activities

Activity 1: Tapas

Tapas are small snacks (like appetizers) that people of Spain eat between meals.

Try making some different snacks or appetizers with your little ones to eat between meals. Or make a whole dinner out of appetizers.

These Spain activities for kids can be used to help Mom save time, too. 😉

Activity 2: Tortilla de Patatas

This Spanish omelet has eggs and potatoes in it. It is served all over Spain for both breakfast and dinner.

This recipe does not contain specialty ingredients, which makes it less intimidating and easier for you to make with your little ones.

With multiple eggs being used, this may be a great time to teach your little ones how to crack an egg.

Spain Activities for Preschoolers Preschool Around the World

Spain Activities for Kids

Choose a few of the Spain activities for kids above and get planning your Spain vacation at home. With over ten activities to choose from, you can plan a whole week of learning about Spain for your preschooler.

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