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Letter T Craft: Turkey Activity

Let your little one explore their creativity by doing this letter T craft. Watch as your little one turns the letter t into a turkey!

Letter T Craft Turkey Activity

Ideas for When to Make This Turkey Craft

In November

It seems every November, people are searching for turkey activities to do with preschoolers.

What is better than putting a letter T craft together with a turkey craft?! A double learning opportunity!

When Learning the Letter T

Whether you do a letter of the week or are simply going through and introducing every letter of the alphabet, making learning letters fun and memorable is a great way to get little ones to remember not only the letter but the sound we use for that letter.

Turkey starts with the same sound we use for T, making it easier for little learners to remember the sound we use for T.

Letter T Craft Turkey Activity

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During a Bird Study

Turkeys are birds. Big ones, but birds nonetheless.

Try using this letter T craft with some of the other letter crafts (peacocks, quail, etc.) to bring your bird study to life. It can also help show your little one that birds come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

Fine Motor Time

There are many opportunities for little hand muscles to be used with this letter T craft.

Coloring, cutting, and gluing all pack a punch when it comes to fine motor work.

Letter T Craft Turkey Activity

Where to Find the Letter T Craft Printable

Fill out the box below to grab the free letter T craft printable.

Check out our shop if you want all letters from A to Z in one spot.

Materials Needed


*letter T craft printable


*crayons or markers

*blank sheet of paper

Letter T Craft Turkey Activity

How To Make a Letter T Craft

1. Print out the free letter T craft printable.

2. Use crayons or markers to color in the letter T, the tail feathers, beak, and waddle. Trace the word ‘turkey,’ too.

3. Cut out the items and the word ‘turkey.’

Letter T Craft Turkey Activity

4. Place the blank paper so the long edges go up and down.

5. Invite your preschooler to find the word ‘turkey’ and paste it on the very bottom of the page.

6. Grab the tail feathers and glue them slightly above the word ‘turkey.’

Letter T Craft Turkey Activity

7. Find the letter T and glue it on top of the tail feathers. The long vertical line from the T should be in the middle of the tail feathers.

8. Glue on the beak/ waddle piece to the vertical line of the T near the top.

9. Add both eyes to the top horizontal line. Keep them relatively close to where the two lines that make up the T meet.

Turkey Craft

There are many fun times you can use this letter T craft. From Thanksgiving to a bird study and anywhere in between, this turkey craft is fun and easy.

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