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Letter F Craft: Flamingo Activity

Preschoolers flap their wings when they learn that they get to make this letter F craft flamingo activity. It’s fun and easy to make.

Letter F Craft Flamingo Activity

Benefits of Making a Letter F Craft

Letter Recognition

Alphabet crafts are an excellent way to introduce or reinforce letters with your little ones.

Turning the letter into an animal that begins with the letter helps preschoolers associate the animal with the letter.

Fine Motor Skills

There are ample opportunities for fine motor work in this letter F craft.

From the coloring, tracing, and cutting out of the pieces to picking up the pieces and gluing them on, the fine motor muscles are getting quite the workout.

Fun Addition to Letter of the Week

If you do or are thinking of doing letter of the week with your little one, this flamingo activity (and the other alphabet crafts) is a perfect addition.

The alphabet crafts help introduce the letter, and your little one will get exposure to words that start with that letter by doing the craft.

(What is the letter of the week? Each week, a new letter is introduced.

Words and items associated with that letter are discussed, activities and snacks that start with the letter can be shared, and the preschooler practices writing the letter.)

Letter F Craft Flamingo Activity

Materials Needed for the Flamingo Activity

  • printable (see below how to grab it)
  • crayons or other coloring tools
  • scissors
  • glue
  • a piece of paper to glue the letter F craft onto

Where to Grab the Printable Craft

Sign up below to grab the free printable craft.

If you want to download all of the alphabet crafts, check out our shop.

How to Make a Letter F Craft

1. Print out the flamingo activity using the instructions above.

2. Let your little one color in the letter F, the flamingo beak, and wing.

3. Encourage your preschooler to trace the word ‘flamingo’ at the bottom of the page.

4. Cut out the pieces using the dotted lines as a guide. Trim off the excess paper on either side of the word ‘flamingo.’

Have the preschooler cut out the letter F because it is larger and easier to cut than the other pieces. If they are comfortable, allow them to cut out the rest of the flamingo activity.

5. Take the blank sheet of paper and position it into portrait orientation.

6. Place and glue the word ‘flamingo’ at the very bottom of the page and the letter F in the center of the paper.

7. Add the wing to the left side of the letter F near the short middle line.

8. Attach the beak to the top line on the right side.

9. Grab the eye and glue it on the top line of the letter F.

10. Hang up the letter F craft flamingo activity!

Flamingo Activity

Try some other alphabet crafts after making the letter F craft flamingo activity.

Compile them into a binder to make an alphabet book, or hang them on the wall to make an alphabet line.

Both are great ways for your little one to get exposure to letters.

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