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Letter R Craft: Rabbit Activity

Hop on over to make an easy and fun letter R craft. Perfect for learning the letter R or learning about rabbits.

Letter R Craft Rabbit Activity

Ideas for When to Use the Letter R Craft Printable

Rabbit Unit

This rabbit craft is perfect for printing and using during a rabbit unit. It’s a fun craft that is easy to do and has the bonus of focusing on the letter R.

Learning about the Letter R

Take learning about the letter R to the next level by turning the letter R into a r-r-r-rabbit.

Littles will start to associate the letter R with rabbit.

This will serve as a benchmark and a way for them to remember the sound we use for the letter R because it’s the sound that rabbit starts with.

Letter R Craft Rabbit Activity

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Animals on the Farm Study

Rabbits are clumped into farm animals frequently. Use this letter R craft in an animal study when talking about rabbits.

Fine Motor Practice

With all of the coloring, cutting, and pasting, this rabbit craft has many opportunities for the tiny fine motor hand muscles to be used.

The more they are used, the stronger they become, making it easier for your preschooler to hold a pencil, zip a coat, and hold laces to tie a shoe.

Letter R Craft Rabbit Activity

Where to Find the Free Letter R Craft

To grab this free printable, fill out the form below.

If you are looking for all the alphabet crafts from A to Z, check out our shop.

Materials Needed


*free rabbit craft printable (see above)

*crayons or markers


*blank sheet of paper

Letter R Craft Rabbit Activity

How to Make a Letter R Craft

1. Print out the free letter R craft printable.

2. Using markers or crayons, color in the letter R, the nose of the rabbit, and the ears. Then, trace the word ‘rabbit’ at the bottom of the page.

3. Cut out all the pieces, using the dotted lines as a guide. Trim off the extra paper around the word ‘rabbit,’ too.

Letter R Craft Rabbit Activity

4. Place the blank paper so the long sides go up and down.

5. Encourage your preschooler to find the word ‘rabbit.’ Glue it to the very bottom of the page.

6. Gather the letter R and glue it to the middle of the page.

Letter R Craft Rabbit Activity

7. Add the white fluff tail to the left side of the R where all lines meet.

8. Next, place the ears on the upper left side of the R. They can be tucked behind the letter R if desired.

9. Add the eye and the nose/teeth pieces to the front of the R (on the right side).

Letter R Craft Rabbit Activity

Rabbit Craft

Making a letter R craft is fun and easy. Print it out and have it ready for a letter R study or a quick craft.

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