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Fall Apple Print Art Project

Put some old apples to new use with these fun apple stamps.

Your littles will love making an apple print with a food they are familiar with!

Fall Apple Print Art Project

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Why Make An Apple Print

Fall is all about apples and pumpkins.

The smells, the flavors, and the décor are all covered in apples and pumpkins.

Making apple prints is a great way to take the traditional apple décor and make it your own!

Your little ones will be able to show off their creativity when they use apple stamps.

If your house is anything like mine, there is a strong possibility that there is an apple with a bite taken out of it laying around.

Don’t let your apples go to waste!

Apple stamps help to put your apples to good use.

Little hand muscles are used differently when they are gripping a larger object.

The apples are cut in half, making them a bit tricker to hold than when an apple wedge is being held.

Not only is it a different tactile experience, but it is also helping to strengthen those muscles!

Kids LOVE stamps.

Show them that everyday items around the house can be used as stamps.

This project has the added bonus of a hidden shape inside the apple!

Your kids will be amazed when they see that there is a star inside and it’s then a great way to talk about the apple life cycle.

Fall Apple Print Art Project

Teaching about apples helps your little ones to be (re)introduced to them.

Some particular eaters may not be ready to try to eat the apples, but the help of this activity will encourage them to touch apples.

This will help them to not be as intimidated by apples.

Different colors and sizes of apples will help your littles to see that there are a variety of apples out there.

You don’t have to use different colored apples if you don’t want to.

The apple prints will still turn out great!

This activity is part of our Homeschooling Preschool Curriculum.

If you are looking for other activities that have to do with apples, check out week 7 which is all about apples!

Items You Will Need

  • two apples (colors and size is up to you)
  • knife
  • paint
  • plate (or something to put paint on)
Fall Apple Print Art Project

How to Make Apple Stamps

1 – Get two apples.

Cut one apple in half from top to bottom including through the core.

Cut the other apple in half across the middle through the core.

** Please use caution when cutting apples **

2 – Place paint in piles on a plate.

3 – Have your littles look at the apple halves and decide which one they want to use first.

Then dip the apples into the paint like they would a stamp.

Encourage them to make sure there isn’t too much paint on the apple or they won’t be able to see the apple design when it is stamped.

4 – Use the apple stamp on the paper.

Multiple paint colors and uses of the apple stamp will make a beautiful apple print.

5 – Allow to dry then hang up to enjoy during fall.

Fall Apple Print Art Project

Apple Prints

Making apple stamps with your littles will help them to see that items all around them can be used in new ways.

Enjoy making art with your little ones.


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