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The Best Preschool Learning Apps and Websites

Are you looking for the best websites and apps to help your preschoolers learn?

You’ve come to the right place!

The Best Preschool Learning Apps

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

In this article, we discuss some of the top websites and apps that are both fun and educational for young minds.

From interactive tools to stories, there’s something here for everyone.

So, let’s get started and explore what websites and apps can do for your preschooler!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for my time to write this article.

Preschool Apps and Websites

Preschool Apps and Websites

Not all learning needs to (or should) be completed at a table!

Especially with preschoolers, the more engaging a lesson is, the more likely they are to participate.

And sometimes, things come up, and you have to be away from home so technology becomes a lifesaver!

Make taking car rides, going to doctor’s appointments, or waiting while the oil gets changed in your car into a learning experience for your preschooler with the best preschool learning apps and websites.

The Best Preschool Learning Apps

Ways to Use Apps and Websites in Preschool

Technology is more than likely going to remain a constant in your preschooler’s life.

Teach him how to use technology to his advantage.

These apps and websites aren’t just for learning letters and numbers.

They help your little one to learn how to navigate a device.

Clicking, going back home, and following directions are all part of using a computer in preschool.

The best preschool learning apps and websites are the ones that aren’t boring and that your kids want to play.

There is no use having an app take up space on your device if your kids won’t play it!

If needed, the apps can be used as a reward or an incentive to get certain things (like a morning routine or being quiet at quiet time…) completed.

You may also choose to have the devices as part of your learning routine.

It can be used to help with letter identification, number writing, or engineering thinking.

The possibilities are endless with the right websites!

The learning apps you choose to add to your device need to be ones that are well-thought out and geared toward preschoolers.

The Best Preschool Apps and Websites

What You’ll Need

  • tablet
  • computer
  • internet (some apps have download features- for when you aren’t online)

The Best Preschool Apps and Websites


Homeschool+ is the one website program that has it all: math, reading, and individual courses for Arts, Sciences, and General Studies.

It’s one of the most comprehensive and robust websites for preschoolers that we have come across.

Each program offers a customized learning experience for your child’s unique level of understanding in both math and reading.

Not only does this mastery program have great reporting to show what your child has truly mastered, but each course also comes with an offline lesson plan full of hands-on, interactive activities!

To make life even easier for homeschool families, Homeschool+ comes with a lesson planner and progress reports that allow you to customize the curriculum to fit your family’s schedule.

The Best Preschool Apps and Websites

I love Homeschool+ as an option for homeschooling preschool because it has such a comprehensive curriculum that kids can’t help but to learn while they’re playing the games and completing the activities!

The offline aspect is also huge, as so many websites and apps are solely computer-based and don’t give kids the hands-on learning that they need.

And make no mistake, preschoolers need that hands-on aspect to their learning.

Key Features That We Love About Homeschool+

  • The math and reading programs adapt to your child’s level automatically after they interact with it for a few minutes.
  • The planner and reporting are unparalleled for preschool learning websites.
  • It’s fun! The characters are colorful, and the activities are engaging, so kids actually want to play and interact with the games.
  • There are offline activities and ideas included for hands-on play and learning. <- This is SO important for preschoolers!
  • It’s homeschool preschool and lower elementary friendly. Unlike some apps and websites, Homeschool+ was created with homeschoolers in mind, and it shows!
  • The content is well thought out and executed.
  • It’s a fun preschool website and curriculum all in one. It has everything you need to complement your homeschool lesson plans!

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for preschool curriculum and learning fun, Homeschool+ is a sure winner!

The Best Preschool Learning Apps


ABCmouse is a fantastic app for preschoolers!

It not only grows with your child, offering more challenging activities as they progress, but it also has tons of engaging activities that can be tailored to fit the needs of each individual learner.


BrainPOP is an engaging preschool learning app offering a wide variety of topics and activities that make learning fun!

Whether you assign content for your child or let them explore on their own, this app is packed with entertaining videos, engaging games, and so much more.

PBS Kids

Going along with the shows on the PBS KIDS channel on TV are games with the characters.

PBS provides educational shows and games.

There are a few different learning apps to choose from.

One is a video-only app, another is a game app, and there is also a Play & Learn Science app.

Hundreds of games on the game app alone help your preschooler learn shapes, colors, emotions, science concepts, and much more.

There is so much to do on PBS Kids, making it one of the most versatile and best preschool learning apps.

The Best Preschool Learning Apps

iWrite Words

To help with letter and number writing, the iWrite Words preschool learning app is here to help.

You can choose if you want to work on letters, numbers, or words.

This app helps your preschooler learn how to correctly form letters and numbers by tracing his finger on the tablet.

The app will not allow him to make the letters or numbers incorrectly.

It has a crab that your preschooler will drag to form the letters.

If the letter is not formed correctly, it makes a sound, and makes the child try again.

This preschool app also says the letter or number aloud after it is correctly written to reinforce learning.

Khan Academy Kids

The library on Khan Academy Kids has books, videos, a place to create letters, reading, math, and logic options.

In each of these subjects, there are dozens of games for your little one to play.

There is also a place where your little one can interact with the different characters on this preschool app.

Duck, Duck, Moose

Duck, Duck, Moose focuses on math concepts such as number identification.

Your little one is tasked with making a village, and with each building that is added, there is a different task inside to complete.

This learning app is great for helping your little one to make choices, too.

Each building that is added is chosen from three choices by your little one.


Vooks is a digital book library.

The books are sorted by subject, and of course, the book is read aloud to your preschooler.

You can download books if you are planning on going somewhere and won’t have internet access.

The Best Preschool Apps and Websites

Preschool Apps Worth Using

There are many incredible preschool apps and websites out there!

Each of them offers unique features that make learning fun, engaging, and age-appropriate.

Whether you’re looking for educational games or a complete homeschool preschool curriculum like Homeschool+, there is something for everyone.

All of these tools allow parents to tailor the learning experiences to their children’s needs while helping kids understand the process of learning in a safe and entertaining online environment.


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