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Back to School Books for Preschoolers

Kick off the new school year with back to school books for preschoolers!

Books About Back to School for Preschoolers

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No matter what type of school young learners attend, they might need a hand with preparing for the big first day. 

Books about heading back to class are a wonderful way to initiate conversations concerning school and the like. 

Whether your little ones attend in-person school, hybrid school, or homeschool, sharing stories with preschoolers can help them to become more comfortable and confident students.  

Books about going back to school are great to read with children for a number of different reasons. 

Back-to-school stories can help toddlers transition from summer break to class time with ease. 

They can also touch on concerns that little ones can relate to such as first-day jitters, making friends, and the importance of being yourself. 

Prepare young learners for the beginning of the school year by sharing different books about going back to school.  

Get ready for the first day of school with these amazing back to school books!

Books About Back to School for Preschoolers

Preschool Books About Going Back to School

All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold 

Celebrate diversity in the classroom with this incredible book. 

Filled with love, this book presents messages of acceptance and inclusion.  

Turkey Goes to School by Wendi Silvano

Enjoy this very funny school story with little ones. 

With lively illustrations and silly shenanigans, this read will have kids laughing from beginning to end.

Lola Goes to School by Anna McQuinn

Get ready for school with this wonderful book. 

Lovely illustrations complement a well-written story to make this a perfect preschool read.

Books About Back to School for Preschoolers

The Night Before Preschool by Natasha Wing

The first night before jitters turns to second night excitement with this back to school book. 

Filled with simple rhymes and cute illustrations, this read will help ease any first-day fears.

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates by Ryan T. Higgins

Laugh and learn with Penelope as she goes about her first day of school. 

This incredible read will delight both children and adults.  

Hello School! by Priscilla Burris

Excite little learners about heading back to school! 

This positive book will prepare young children for the first day and more.   

David Goes to School by David Shannon

David’s school day is anything but ordinary. 

Children will enjoy learning about acceptable school behaviors with this unique story.

Books About Back to School for Preschoolers

Butterflies on the First Day of School by Annie Silvestro

Turn uneasiness into positiveness with this back to school book. 

This adorable read will both reassure and fascinate little learners.

The Color Monster Goes to School by Anna Llenas

Teach young children how to identify their feelings about the first day of school. 

Preschoolers will love learning how to express themselves.  

The School Book by Todd Parr 

Introduce school with this fun and informative book. 

Young students will discover different school activities and events that will help to alleviate any worries.  

Books About Back to School for Preschoolers

Toddler Books About Back to School

From homeschool to in-person classes, these toddler books about going back to school will help little ones get ready to learn. 

Touching on relatable topics like fun school time lessons to feelings of anxiety, back to school books will help to prepare children for the upcoming school year.

Which of these books will you share with your preschoolers?

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