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Letter E Craft: Elephant Activity

Explore letter recognition by creatively making a letter E craft. Create this endearing elephant using simple materials.

Letter E Craft Elephant Activity

Letter the Alphabet through Crafts

Learning the alphabet can be challenging for preschoolers.

Memorizing what each letter looks like, how to write it, and the sounds associated with each letter can become overwhelming quickly.

By making a letter recognition hands-on (and a craft), littles can recall what they made easier.

Letter E Craft Elephant Activity

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This, in turn, makes it easier to remember what sound to use for E because your little one remembers that the E was turned into an e-e-elephant while making the letter E craft.

If you choose to do all 26 letters, you can hang them up to create a letter line that your preschooler can refer back to when talking about letter sounds.

Materials Needed

  • free Letter E craft printable (see next section to grab it)
  • piece of paper to glue the elephant craft on
  • coloring tools (markers, crayons, etc.)
  • glue
  • scissors
Letter E Craft Elephant Activity

Where to Find the Printable

You can grab the free letter E craft printable below.

But if you would rather have all the letter crafts from A to Z in one spot, check out our shop.

How to Make a Letter E Craft Elephant Activity

1. Print out the letter E craft printable.

2. Color in each part (but the eye) and trace the word ‘elephant’.

3. Cut out each piece using the dotted lines as a guide.

Encourage your little one to cut out the letter E because it is the biggest and easiest to cut.

Letter E Craft Elephant Activity

4. Trim off the extra paper around the word ‘elephant’.

5. Place the paper in portrait orientation.

6. Glue the word ‘elephant’ at the very bottom of the page.

7. Paste the letter E in the middle of the page.

Letter E Craft Elephant Activity

8. Add on the trunk to the right side of the top line of the E.

9. Glue the eye on the middle of the top line of the E.

10. Add the ear to the left side of the top of the E.

Letter E Craft Elephant Activity

Elephant Craft

This letter E craft is one of the easiest ones yet! If you think your little one is up for the challenge, try to see if she can figure out how the elephant craft goes before you show her.

What a fun way to challenge her a bit more.

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