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Letter C Craft: Cat Activity

Have a meowing good time making this letter C craft cat activity. Perfect for an alphabet study or as a stand-alone cat craft.

Letter C Craft Cat Activity

The Benefits to Making the Letter C Craft

Letter Recognition

When teaching preschoolers about letters, it’s beneficial to teach the letters individually. This letter c craft is a beautiful (and memorable) way to introduce or reinforce each letter.

Letter- Sound Relationship

The cat craft made out of the letter c will help your little one remember that the first sound in cat is one of the sounds we use for c.

These letter crafts create a memory board so preschoolers can visualize and recall what animal the letter was turned into to help remember the sound.

Letter C Craft Cat Activity

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Add to a Letter Wall or Letter Book

There is a whole collection of these letter crafts, from A to Z.

If you do each one, you can put them up on the wall to make a letter line (like a number line but with letters).

Or try hole punching the side and add them to a binder to make a letter book.

Fine Motor Practice

All the coloring, cutting, gluing, and letter tracing aren’t for nothing. It’s a fun and effective way to strengthen fine motor skills.

Letter C Craft Cat Activity

Materials Needed

  • free printable (see below)
  • glue
  • crayons or markers
  • scissors
  • a piece of paper to glue the cat craft on
Letter C Craft Cat Activity

Where to Find the Printable

Grabbing the printable is fast and easy. Sign up below to grab the letter c craft cat activity.

Check out our shop if you want an easy download with crafts for letters A to Z.

How to Make a Letter C Craft Cat Activity

1. Print out the letter c craft printable.

2. Color all the items on the printable except the eyes.

3. Trace the word cat with a pencil, marker, or crayon.

4. Cut out all items using the dotted lines as a guide.

Letter C Craft Cat Activity

5. Cut out the word cat.

6. Glue the word cat at the bottom of the page.

7. Place the letter C in the middle of the page.

8. Glue the tail on the left side of the letter C.

Letter C Craft Cat Activity

9. Place the mouth on the bottom edge of the upper part of the letter C. Add the ears to the top of the letter C and the eyes below the ears.

10. Glue on the whiskers on each side of the mouth and the tongue under the nose on the letter C.

Letter C Craft Cat Activity

Cat Craft

Let your little one’s imagination run wild while coloring the letter c craft.

Maybe the cat is blue and pink or purple and black!

Either way, your little one will enjoy making the craft while learning to identify the letter c.

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