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Cow Preschool Craft

MOOOve over complicated crafts, there is a new cow in town.

This simple cow preschool craft is easy to make and uses simple materials.

Cow Preschool Craft

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

When to Make a Cow Preschool Craft

Whether there is a cow fanatic in your house or you are doing farm-themed preschool lessons, this cow preschool craft is simple and easy enough to make a whole herd of cows.

Fine motor skills and creativity are at the forefront of this cow craft.

From cutting out eyes and ears to drawing and coloring spots, there are many opportunities for preschoolers to take charge.

Cow Preschool Craft

This article may contain affiliate links to products that may help you when homeschooling preschool.

Due to the nature of this cow preschool craft, there is no wrong way to do it.

Some cows are all black. Others are all white.

But when most people think of cows, they think of the spotted ones.

This helps to boost even the most reluctant learner’s self-esteem knowing she can’t do it wrong.

This cow preschool craft is perfect for a rainy day or before going on a field trip to the farm.

Pair it with a book about cows to make it an easy and fun cow craft and lesson.

Some of the best lessons are the simple ones!

Cow Preschool Craft

Items Needed for the Cow Craft

-paper plate


-glue stick


-printer paper or cardstock


-googly eyes (optional)

Cow Preschool Craft

Cow Preschool Craft How To

1. Decide with your preschooler what color cow will be made.

There are brown cows, black cows, red and white cows, and of course, black and white cows.

2. Using the color marker that matches the color of the cow she wants, have the preschooler draw spots (wiggly circles) all over the plate.

Some can look like they are going off of the plate, too.

3. Color in the spots using the same color.

Cow Preschool Craft

4. Draw a large pink oval near the bottom of the plate for the nose and mouth.

If your preschooler made a spot in this section, you can cut out an oval from the cardstock and color it pink.

Then glue it in place.

5. Have the preschooler color in the pink oval.

6. Add two lines to the top half of the oval.

Add a smile under the two lines.

It should look like a smiley face.

This is the cow’s nose and mouth.

Cow Preschool Craft

7. Draw on or cut out eyes for the cow.

If using googly eyes, add those on now.

8. Fold the cardstock (or white paper) in half hamburger style.

9. Draw an almond shape on it.

It should be about as wide as the paper from the fold to the opposite side.

These will be the ears.

You should be able to fit three sets of ears on each folded piece of paper.

Cow Preschool Craft

10. Have your preschooler cut out the ears.

You must cut the fold so the two ears aren’t attached.

11. Draw a smaller almond shape with a pink marker inside each ear.

Color in this pink part to make the inside of the ear.

12. Tape the ears on the side of the head at the same height as the eyes.

13. If you want horns, cut out little triangles and tape them to the top of the plate.

Cow Preschool Craft

Cow Craft

Create a herd of cows with your preschoolers by making this cow preschool craft.

It’s customizable, and no two will be alike.

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