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25 Snow Activities for Preschoolers

The fun has just begun when the snow starts to fall. Check out these fun (and easy) snow activities with your little one.

25 Snow Activities for Preschoolers

Why Do Snow Activities with Little Ones

Playing in the snow is a great sensory activity! Little ones can see it, feel it, hear it crunch under their feet, and even taste it!

Little ones are curious by nature. Let them explore and experiment with how the snow reacts when things are done to it.

Many great snow activities below help littles to do different things to the snow (and to get different responses).

The snow will be outside no matter what. Why not enjoy it?

Maybe your little one will use some of his energy doing these snow activities and lay low for the afternoon.

25 Snow Activities for Preschoolers

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Top Snow Activities for Preschoolers

1. Build a Snowman

Engage in the classic winter activity of building a snowman with your preschooler.

These snowman kits are wonderful for those days when you don’t want to run around the house gathering odds and ends for the snowman while everyone is eager to get outside.

2. Snow Angels

Show your little one how to make snow angels by lying down and moving their arms and legs.

3. Snowball Fight

Have a friendly snowball fight using soft and gentle snowballs.

4. Snow Painting

Fill spray bottles with colored water and let your child decorate the snow with their artistic designs.

Squeeze condiment bottles work great, too!

25 Snow Activities for Preschoolers

5. Snow Sculptures

Encourage your preschooler to create various snow sculptures using different molds or their hands.

6. Snow Castles

Help your child build a snow castle with buckets, shovels, and other sandcastle-building tools.

7. Snow Tracks

Go on a nature walk in the snow and look for animal tracks to identify different critters.

8. Snow Maze

Create a maze in the snow by stomping down paths and challenging your child to find their way out.

25 Snow Activities for Preschoolers

9. Snow Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course in the snow using cones, hoops, and other objects for your child to through.

10. Snow Science Experiments

Explore the science of snow by observing how it melts, measuring snowfall, or experimenting with freezing different objects in water.

11. Snow Sensory Bin

Fill a container with clean snow and add scoops, small toys, or kitchen utensils for sensory exploration.

12. Winter Nature Hunt

Create a list of winter-themed items for your child to find on a nature walk, such as pinecones or icicles.

25 Snow Activities for Preschoolers

13. Snow Ice Cream

Make delicious ice cream by mixing fresh, clean snow with milk, sugar, and vanilla extract.

We have a homemade ice cream recipe here.

14. Ice Balloon Smash

Freeze water balloons and let your child smash them to discover the hidden treasures inside.

15. Snowball Toss

Set up targets in the snow and have your child throw soft snowballs to improve their aim and coordination.

16. Snowflake Cutting

Teach your preschooler how to cut out snowflakes using child-safe scissors.

We have a post all about it here!

25 Snow Activities for Preschoolers

17. Snowy Storytime

Bundle up and read winter-themed books outdoors while enjoying the snowy landscape.

If you are looking for winter book ideas, we have you covered!

18. Frozen Bubbles

Blow bubbles outside in freezing temperatures and watch them turn into frozen bubbles before they pop.

You can keep your mittens on while using these bubbles.

19. Snowy Scavenger Hunt

Hide objects in the snow for your child to find, such as small toys or colorful objects.

20. Winter Animal Feeders

Create bird feeders using pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed to attract birds to your yard.

This is one of the snow activities that you can benefit from for many wintery days.

25 Snow Activities for Preschoolers

21. Snowy Dance Party

Play music and have a dance party in the snow, encouraging your child to move and groove.

22. Snowball Bowling

Set up empty plastic bottles as bowling pins and use soft snowballs as bowling balls.

23. Snowy Alphabet Tracing

Practice writing letters by tracing them in the snow using fingers or sticks.

24. Snowy Math Games

Practice counting or simple addition/subtraction by using numbers written in the snow or making number-shaped snowballs.

25. Snowy Fort Building

Help your preschooler build a cozy fort or igloo using large piles of snow.

25 Snow Activities for Preschoolers

Winter Activities to Do with a Little One

With so many different snow activities to choose from, you will have something new to try each time you head out to play. Stay warm and have fun playing together.

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